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Traveling of Vietnam in 2017

Traveling of Vietnam in 2017


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Trends traveling of Vietnam in 2017, there are differences with the previous year by the surge of visitors to travel to new cities and tourist spots such as deserted little Quy Nhon city, Coto island, Con Dao island and Phu Yen province. Foreseeing this new tourism trends, many investors have built and developed a system of hotels, resorts and restaurants in new destinations to cater to the needs of tourists. As the popular tourist city of Vietnam like Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phan Thiet and Vung Tau are always in crowded situation, the hotel is fully booked, catering overload, not for being attentive tourists are in the new tourist attraction, you can freely choose where to eat, place of stay. So you should book in-advance at http://www.hotels-in-vietnam.com/ to guarantee you have a room on arrival.
And especially in the new tourist attraction, while the commercial exploitation is not excessive and there is no planning, you will feel full of natural scenery, unspoiled beauty, folk of the land you set Sconce. In addition, the indigenous people have not been commercialized lost its naivety, honesty and his good-natured. Therefore, your trip will be full convergence of factors to be a memorable experience in my life, saving cost, just enjoy and experience what you have not ever seen.

Enjoy the barbecue in the cold days has become a hobby of young people. In winter, the feeling when you sit on the kitchen sniffing and fragrant grilled meats and hot, it's incredibly happy. The main attraction of barbecue food from animals that winter day barbecue restaurant has grown up a lot in Hanoi. From the resulting wild barbecue, you can enjoy at the sidewalk cafes to the water dish special and luxurious than as barbecue Korea, Japan, Mexico and Argentina. Each brings a flavor barbecue separate but are extremely tasty and attractive in the cold winter days.

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