Cydcor 2018

Help Us Heal Smiles!

At Cydcor, a leader in outsourced sales, we are committed to creating opportunities for others. It is our belief that the opportunity to smile through access to safe surgery is something every single child deserves. Since 2010, Cydcor, along with more than 4,000 dedicated supporters from our network of more than 375 independent sales companies, has been partnering with Operation Smile to support life-changing cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries for children in low- and middle-income countries. To date, we have raised more than $900,000 through our annual Day of Smiles event as well many other fundraising events throughout the year. That’s enough to fund surgeries for nearly 3,700 children in need. As we look ahead, we look forward to raising $1 million for Operation Smile!

We pride ourselves on being a “people helping people business,” and through our support of Operation Smile, we stand behind that promise. We are proud of the exceptional team members who back our fundraising efforts and use their talents to take action on behalf of children who need their help. By committing to Operation Smile, we enjoy a sense of purpose and responsibility for our global community.

Cydcor has had the honor of taking our team members to Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil and Bolivia, taking our team members to Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil and Bolivia.  On these missions, Cydcor sponsored volunteers aid surgical teams as they transform children’s smiles, play with young patients as they await medical evaluations, and lend support and compassion to parents whose children are undergoing surgery. The experience of witnessing first-hand the impact Operation Smile surgeries have on children and their families, stays with our team members for the rest of their lives. This memory helps them become better leaders, prepared to solve difficult problems in business and the world at large.

We’re calling on you to support our efforts. With your help, children around the world will have brighter smiles and brighter futures. Learn more about Cydcor and our support of Operation Smile on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter!


Learn how to register for a team or participant page here to give the gift of a smile to children around the world.

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