Welcome to the Spine Op Smile Ambassadors Page!

Dear Donor,

Thank you for donating to this worth-while cause.

Together we can fund critically-needed surgical care for children with cleft conditions in low-and middle-income countries. Through the Stryker Smiles campaign, YOU can help us transform the lives of children across the globe.

Every dollar donated will be matched until March 31, 2020 or until our goal of $100,000 is reached, making 2x the impact for those in need of safe surgery.

Ensure donation is properly allocated to the proper event, business unit or division of Stryker!

*Please Note: For international online transactions, banks may decline a transaction and flag it as fraudulent for security purposes if they deem it to be suspicious and outside of your normal banking habits. To avoid this, please notify your bank before placing a donation or contact us if you are still having issues via email at strykersupport@operationsmile.org.